Ölflaschen Startseite: Spa ingredients @ orlio via Depositphotos.com

Hauttyp-Test: Face of young beautiful healthy woman and reflection in the mirror @ Lenets_Tatsiana via Depositphotos.com

Wimpernpflege: Portrait of beautiful woman, on white @ g_studio via Depositphotos.com

Hautöl: Beauty Portrait of young woman @ fotomoda via Depositphotos.com

Trockene Haut: Woman wearing gold earrings and bracelet @ Syda_Productions via Depositphotos.com

Normale Haut: Woman touching skin or applying cream, isolated @ g_studio via Depositphotos.com

Johanneskrautöl: St john’s wort oil @ vesnac v via Depositphotos.com

Ingweröl: Ginger Essential oil @ NikiLitov via Depositphotos.com

Haarkur selber machen:

Olive oil and raw egg in a small ceramic bowls for preparing homemade spa face and hair masks. Ingredients for diy cosmetics. @ Kazmulka via Depositphotos.com
Almonds and walnuts with banana @ massonforstock via Depositphotos.com
Coconut milk smoothie drink with bananas on wooden background @ Saschanti17 via Depositphotos.com
Food background with fresh organic avocado, lime, parsley and ol @ Anna_Shepulova via Depositphotos.com

Haaröl selber machen:

Young girl caring for curly hair tips with yellow oil @ photostockman via Depositphotos.com
Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table, on nature background@ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Top view of bottle of natural herbal essential oil and three lemons on wooden surface@ VadimVasenin via Depositphotos.com
Burdock roots with olive oil@ nanka-photo via Depositphotos.com
Walnut oil and nuts on wooden table@ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Cropped shot of smiling wo

Haaröl: Pflanzliche Öle für die Haare ohne Silikone:

Young girl caring for curly hair tips with yellow oil @ photostockman via Depositphotos.com

Kokosöl Haarkur selber machen:

Woman washing hair with coconut milk @ apid via Depositphotos.com
Fresh coconut oil @ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Beautiful skincare and haircare concept @ zestmarina via Depositphotos.com


Woman rinsing and gargling while using mouthwash @ Tharakornvia Depositphotos.com

Trockene Lippen:

Closeup Mouth of asian woman with brittle and dry lips, concept lip salve and wounds
@ werayuth via Depositphotos.com

Shea butter perfect lip balm. @ geo-grafika via Depositphotos.com

Lorbeeröl: Aleppo natural soap closeup @ udra via Depositphotos.com

Arganöl für die Haare: Argan oil and fruits @ luisapuccini via Depositphotos.com

Kokosöl für die Zähne: Coconut oil toothpaste, natural alternative for healthy teeth, wooden toothbrush@ nadisja via Depositphotos.com

Kokosöl für Haare: Coconut oil for hair. Young woman and cosmetic on white background @ belchonock via Depositphotos.com

Kokosöl gegen Falten: Female face with wrinkles @ valuavitaly via Depositphotos.com

Kokosöl fürs Gesicht: Aromatic oil dripping on female face. @ karelnoppe via Depositphotos.com

Rizinusöl für die Haare: Beautiful model girl with shiny brown and straight long hair . Treatment with oil essence , care and spa procedures. Smooth hairstyle @ Sofia_Zhuravets via Depositphotos.com

Olivenöl für die Haare: Young woman spreading oil mask over her hair in front of a mirror @ zestmarina via Depositphotos.com

Olivenöl für die Haare: Bottle of virgin olive oil and herbs pouring in a bowl close up @ photodesign via Depositphotos.com

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM): Portrait of pretty happy cheerful beautiful young woman posing isolated over pink background take care of her skin holding oil. @ Vadymvdrobot via Depositphotos.com
Massageöl selber machen: Close up of salt, massage oil and bath stuff @ Syda_Productions via Depositphotos.com
Massageöl selber machen: Beautiful young woman relaxing with her partner during Thai mass @ Kzenon via Depositphotos.com
Massageöl selber machen: Belly massage @ nejron via Depositphotos.com
Massageöl selber machen: Eucalyptus essential oil. @ pathastings via Depositphotos.com
Gesichtsöle: Attractive young woman applying serum on face with pipette @ IgorVetushko via Depositphotos.com
Rizinusöl für Wimpern: Woman undergoing eyelash treatment @ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Teebaumöl gegen Warzen One woman hand massaged other, isolated on white @ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Kokosöl für die Haut: Woman with jar of coconut oil, closeup @ serezniy via Depositphotos.com
Der Unterschied zwischen Kokosöl und Kokosfett: Coconut Oil @ ckellyphoto via Depositphotos.com
Kokosöl als Sonnenschutz: Branches of coconut palms under blue sky and sun – vintage retro style. Royal Botanical Garden of Candy Sri Lanka @ Alinamd via Depositphotos.com
Arganöl für die Haut: Argan Nuts and seed with oil @ luisapuccini via Depositphotos.com
Arganöl für das Gesicht: Argan oil used for skin care @ ariadnaS via Depositphotos.com

Haarseife: Bars of soap and lavender flowers @ olhaafanasieva via Depositphotos.com
Sheabutter für das Gesicht: Shea butter in bowl and nuts on grey background, closeup @ liudmilachernetska@gmail.com via Depositphotos.com
Rizinusöl für die Haut: Herbal oils mask in glass bowl to fight dandruff with bottles of castor oil and tea tree oil with aloe vera leaf on wooden surface @ mirzamlk via Depositphotos.com

Teebaumöl gegen Pickel: Spa composition with tea tree oil @ belchonock via Depositphotos.com
Teebaumöl gegen Nagelpilz: Close-up Of Manicurist Hand Applying Moisturizing Nail Oil To Man’s Feet @ AndreyPopov via Depositphotos.com
Trockene Kopfhaut: Closeup woman hand itchy scalp, Hair care concept @ mraoraor via Depositphotos.com
Rasierseife: Shaving accessories on a luxury wooden background @ nejron via Depositphotos.com

Kakaobutter: Bowl with cosmetic product, cacao butter and chocolate on dark table @ serezniy via Depositphotos.com
Teebaumöl für die Haut: Tea tree essential oil in a small bottle. Selective focus. @ yana-komisarenko@yandex.ru via Depositphotos.com
Gesichtspflege für Männer: Young Man Applying Anti-aging Lotion fot Skin Care @ diego_cervo via Depositphotos.com
Kokosöl für Wimpern: Beautiful woman applying oil onto her eyelashes indoors @ liudmilachernetska@gmail.com via Depositphotos.com
Trockene Haare: Woman is not happy with her fragile hair, white background @ Nobilior @depositphotos.com
Trockene Haare: Lemon essence oil @ matka_Wariatka @depositphotos.com
Trockene Haare:Fresh sliced organic avocado with honey on black wooden background @ kaiskynet@gmail.com @depositphotos.com
Trockene Haare: Top view of coconut oil in bottle on grey textured background with coconut shavings @ VadimVasenin @depositphotos.com
Kokosöl gegen Zecken: Looking at wood tick embedded in human skin @ Kalcutta via Depositphotos.com
Gesichtsreinigung: Woman during facial cleansing in spa @ photographee.eu via Depositphotos.com

Zimtöl: Close-up, cinnamon sticks and cinnamon oil on a white wooden background @ astragall via Depositphotos

Zimtöl: Bottle of essential oil, Cinnamon sticks, carnation and anise close up on wooden table. Selective focus @ Artanika via Depositphotos